Reviewing Australia Vs Korea

Australia VS Korea


Korea 6 – Australia 0

Australia was let down by a weak offense tonight. Coupled together with a few average pitching performances and missed opportunities at bat, Australia’s hopes to qualify for the next round will now hinge on beating the Netherlands in tomorrow’s game by a massive margin and Chinese Taipei beating Korea.

Game Report

Ryan Searle started the game off with a walk, and it did not get much better for the Australian’s in the first, Searle let in 3 runs before retiring the side. Searle eventually gained control over his command letting one more run in over his 3 innings of work.

In the bottom of the first Mitch Denning got on base through a walk, the first walk of the tournament for Australia. Korea’s starting pitcher Seung-Jun Song was judged to have balked and this moved Denning over to second base. Welch also got on base through a walk. With two out and runner on first and second Justin Huber came up to bat, he jumped on a pitch but hit it straight at the Korean third basemen Jeong Choi.

Steve Kent took over in the 4th and was impressive, subduing the Korean bat’s over two innings of work giving up only one hit and striking out one.

In the bottom of the 5th, Tim Kennelly lead off with a double smacking the ball into left field. This was met with a pitching change from Korea with lefty Heesoo Park taking over from Song. Park dispatched Allan de San Miguel with a strikeout, before giving up a single to James Beresford. With runners on first and second, Mitch Denning popped out to RF then Luke Hughes struck out.

Clayton Tanner took over the reigns in the 6th, he looked solid posting a scoreless dig.

Shane Lindsay provided relief in the 7th, looking erratic throughout he gave up one run. Brad Thomas came in with two out to shut down the dig.

Matty Williams came on in the 8th getting two outs, and giving up two hits before Ryan Rowland-Smith came on to finish off the dig.

In the bottom of the 8th. Luke Hughes lead off with another strike out, before Stefan Welch hit a double to left. Unfortunately that was it for the Australian offense that inning with pinch hitter Joshua Roberts and Mike Walker grounding out.

Rowland-Smith came on again in the top of the 9th, giving up a run. Korean pitcher Seunghwan Oh came on in the bottom of the 9th and shut down the Australian’s getting two strikeouts.


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