The rest of today’s action (2/3/13)

Japan 5 – Brazil 3

Brazil put up one hell of a fight in this game, leading for the majority of the game they eventually succumbed in the top of the 8th. Japan’s pedigree at this level was just too much for the Brazilians to handle

Notable Performances


Leonardo Reginatto (3-4, 2 x 2b)

The Tampa Bay minor leaguer was very impressive today, making easy work of Japan’s pitching. Not to mention he has what can only be described as “rocket up the behind” speed along the base paths. He will be one to watch throughout the rest of the tournament.

The Netherlands 5 – Korea 0

The Netherlands pulled off a win against their highly favored opponents today. This may be a surprise to some, but not to this writer. After their performance in the last WBC, the Netherlands have improved their squad substantially this time around. I believe they will have another big tournament and may even make it all the way, they certainly have the talent to do so.

Notable Performances

The Netherlands Bullpen

Facing a stacked Korean team, the Netherlands pitchers managed to shut down the Korean offense completely. Their pitching will be a key part of their success throughout the tournament.


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